Live Music Venue Below the Radar Brewhouse, Huntsville, Alabama

Full menu restaurant and bar | intimate restaurant setting for live music | suggest call for reservation to be near music

Below the Radar Brewhouse

Parker's Take:

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Below the Radar Brewhouse (“BTR”) offers solo-artist live music on Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday brunch. This is a family-friendly restaurant-bar. Their food menu and service has been exceptional for each of the three visits Annabelle and I experienced at BTR. More on that later. Let’s start with live music.

A solo-performer plays from the corner of the restaurant.  There’s really no room for a larger band, but that’s ok. The solo-performer is perfect for this kind of venue. Although BTR has a sports-bar element to it, if you are not into watching sports from one of their larger TV’s, that’s ok too.  We’ve been in venues where there were so many TV’s shouting that to have a friendly conversation was difficult. Unless there’s a big game happening, you can talk and eat and drink and watch and enjoy music all at the same time at BTR.

The Friday night of our latest visit had “The SteveO Show” playing his varied assortment of songs, each sung with pitch perfect vocals (No exaggeration here…). A good performer knows how to shape his performance to the audience – and a knowledgeable venue will make sure the performers they hire can play to *their audience* while not being a distraction.  In each of our three visits, the performers fit that bill well. Here’s more on The SteveO Show.

Beer list Below the Radar SteveO Show

If you want to hear music, do call for reservations (256)469-6617 and ask to have a table near the player.  This is especially important if there is a game going on or on a busy holiday. Otherwise, you might find yourself in one of their other dinner spaces.

And Now, Onto the Drink and Eats

A few months ago, we made the mistake of writing a very positive review of another local venue only to be royally disappointed with food and/or service on each of our several follow-on visits. So much so we had to go back and remove parts of what we said about them previously.

But with BTR, this was our third visit and each time we enjoyed the food, the service and of course the music. This last visit Chico was our server. He could not have been more attentive and knowledgeable. Chico helped Annabelle decide which craft beer to select (offering to bring a sample as well as answering her questions as to the nature and taste of several of their brews) as well as our meal choices. He was superb and our happiness meter was in the solid green the entire evening in large part because of Chico’s helpfulness.

(It’s amazing how much an excellent wait staff can make a good experience better.  For the almost two hours we were there, we were king and queen for the day… thanks Chico!)

BTR's beer list on their website does not do their actual list justice. We’re talking pages… and pages… of beer… and even Gluten free beer…

Take a look at how they name their beers… funny!

Beer list Below the Radar

Annabelle and I decided on a salad and a “Dixie Burger” to share. I wish I would have taken a picture of the Dixie Burger plate, talk about too much food… yum… Annabelle remarked how the onion rings (which were huge) were not greasy at all. We both enjoyed the burger and salad.

Then Chico told us about their home made deserts. More than just told us... he described how they are made. Made like mom used to. Yum again. Because we wanted to comment on deserts in this write-up, we forced our self to have one. The things we do for the love of music... and the desert was wonderful!

Their regular menu is available until 10 pm, after that, there is a reduced evening menu. With the music typically starting at 9, order at that time for some late night fun and you will get to pick from the full menu. Visit their menus here.

All in all, in each of the three visits so far we had a marvelous time.  Between the music, the attentive and helpful wait staff and home-run meals Annabelle and I are BIG fans of BTR. I’m not a professional food critic, but I would award this music venue/restaurant/bar 5 stars easily.

Located in the heart of downtown Huntsville.

Date of last visit: October 28, 2016

Upcoming live music at Below the Radar Brewhouse:

... Aug 25, 2017 9:00 pm time approx.
Acoustic, Rock
... Aug 26, 2017 9:00 pm time approx
... Aug 27, 2017 11:00 am-2:00
Acoustic, Rock