Live Music Venue Mama Annie's Southern Style Cuisine, Huntsville, Alabama

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Mama Annie's Southern Style Cuisine
Above: The smaller, home style dining area of Mama Annie's Southern Style Cuisine is the perfect size for some real artist-audience interaction. (There's also a larger room available). Microwave Dave played his original songs. Also eating at Mama's that night were two members of April Mae and the June Bugs, who agreed when asked by Dave to bring their washboard and banjo in for a little song jam. A splendid time was had by all!

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“It’s like being home eating a home cooked meal”, Annabelle spoke near to my ear as Microwave Dave engaged the audience with some sing-along blues. “Thanks”, I said. “That’s how I’ll start my review.”

It was our first visit to Mama Annie’s Southern Style Cuisine, and like any first time restaurant visit, we weren’t sure if this would be a one and only.  But now we know. It won’t be.

Mama’s is divided into two areas, with the smaller room (pictured above) a lot like a big family dining area. There’s another larger room, with individual tables in a more traditional restaurant setting.

I ordered extra-large chicken tenders buffalo style, black eyed peas and rice and gravy.  The menu offered plenty of options – over 20 sides (from local farms, according to their menu). Even the entrees could be prepared to taste.

For example, I could have ordered the chicken tenders buffalo, fried, grilled, blackened or lemon pepper style.  I had several choices for gravy as well.  Then I got to pick two sides from their list of some 20+ options. You won't get this kind of flexible menu in those “corporate” restaurants.

Here’s a picture of my meal as served, what you see plus a soft drink cost $11 plus tax.   I was barely able to fit the hot blackberry pie that Annabelle and I split for desert. But somehow, I managed.

Annabelle ordered the fried catfish. She is a gourmet cook in her own right, so her taste buds are considerably more academic than mine.  She remarked that the fish tasted fresh. Later I asked Jaelae (who was Mama Annie’s hostess for the night) and she said the fish is delivered fresh each day.

(I also want to mention how friendly and personable hostess Jaelae and our waiter were. Both made us feel like we were being welcomed into their home.)

Mama Annie’s Southern Style Cuisine is a local gem – family 3rd generation operated - and is well worth the time to check out, especially when combined with Microwave Dave playing his original tunes (usually) on Mondays from 5-7.

date of last visit: 12 Sep 2016

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