Live Music Venue Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill, Huntsville, Alabama

Gritty, smaller and intimate live music venue | full bar | bar food

Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill
Above: Charlie Howell (left) gives it his all while Danny Hall 'answers' through his guitar.

Parker's Point of View

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Let's get something out of the way. I'm biased. I love the Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill. It's gritty. It's like a darkened man-cave with a bar and a stage. You feel almost primal when you have that first cold beer in your hand. There's just something about Voodoo that screams 'raw'... and is highly satisfying. Yet, Voodoo may not be for everyone.
... Annabelle.. dear Annabelle... felt that it was a bit too raw and gritty for her. 

Man cave time!

If you look at their live music calendar on their website, they promote live music well.. and it shows with something happening most nights, including a regularly scheduled open mic night.

The bar is friendly and the pricing is reasonable. There is no cover.

You'll enter walking down a flight of stairs from South Side Street.  The outside sign on the window is rather small so look carefully. Walk down a short flight of stairs and you'll enter Voodoo to see a long room with a bar that seems to go on and on.  Everything is painted a deep burgundy and the tin ceiling has an air of history and mystery about it.  There are some six tables up front which can seat 4 each. The small but inviting music stage is in easy view of one side of all tables.

You might want to check out their Yelp page as there are quite a lot of user reviews.

But back to how I started, I love the Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill for its atmosphere, its intimacy and mostly its large helping of live music.

Annabelle's Point of View

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The first thing you may notice about the Voodoo Lounge is how hard it is to find. Its sign is overshadowed by the adjoining Greek restaurant’s sign. Once you venture down the steps into the narrow, small, darkened lounge, I guarantee the first thing you will notice is the musty, dank odor.
It became quite unpleasant for me as the evening passed, to the point I was grateful to ascend to the fresh night air again so that I could breathe freely. To be fair, I have seasonal allergies which make breathing difficult in certain environments. There is  a pungent smell of damp earth, sweat and beer. Think your friend’s husband’s “man cave”, accent on the cave.  The VooDoo is painted a dark burgundy color, with a copper colored tin ceiling that is somewhat dirty.  It is dimly lit, which is a good thing for a bar, in my opinion, but it was for my woeful imagination that I was grateful for the lack of light. Given that we were underground in what was at one time, a cool cellar where the restaurants stored the beer kegs.

On the more positive side, this is a “man’s bar” (in the 1940s sense of the expression) where the patrons can drink too much, be rowdy and the artist rolls with the punches. I admit, I thought about this literally happening at some point in the past or future. It reminded me of rough, old neighborhood bars where the barkeeps broke up fights among patrons, threw them out the back door, and minutes later the ousted ones entered as friends once again through the front door. I laughed to myself because the bartender was a woman who was clearly able to take care of herself, and any patron who might overstep the boundaries. Though honestly, it would be hard for me to describe what that might be. If any fight broke out after we left, my money would be on the barmaid.  I do acknowledge the need for bars like this, but I don’t plan to return. Parker feels comfortable there, as would many guys I can name.
The bartender was overworked or understaffed, as evidenced by her apology to us after an hour into our evening for having ignored us. By that point, Parker had already bought us drinks at the bar and carried them to the table. We saw no servers, so either management expects the bartender to do it all, or they were understaffed. Other patrons seemed to be getting their own drinks as well, and comfortable doing so.

Upcoming live music at Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill:

Singer songwriter | passion in his singing and performance | blues, country, classic rock and a touch of gospel Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Gospel
... Apr 25, 2017 9:30 pm-1:30
Acoustic duo Acoustic, Americana
Veteran performer and songwriter with excellent audience engagement skills | guaranteed good fun and listening. Americana, Rock, 90's, 80's , 70's
Open Mic - You're Invited
... Apr 27, 2017 9:30 pm-1:30 Hosted by Andrew Sharp and Jefferson Pepe
Ryan Keef Band
... Apr 29, 2017 9:30 pm-1:30