Live Music Venue Humphrey's Bar & Grill, Huntsville, Alabama

Full menu restaurant | bar | "New Orleans" style "party atmosphere" outdoor patio where most acts play | smaller acts perform inside

Humphrey's Bar & Grill
Above: Out on the Humphrey's patio at night plays The Dozens Band. The audience can dine by starlight or under a roll-out canvas roof. The Jack-and-the-Beanstalk tree jutting skyward  (lighted at left) adds to the atmosphere.

Annabelle's Take:

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If you love the smell of good hamburgers and sweet potato fries, then Humphrey’s is the place to be. Of course they have many other excellent choices, which Parker and I can attest to, but if you venture out Tuesdays from 5 pm till closing, they offer half priced burgers. On this particular occasion we had eaten at home before arriving, so we enjoyed the libations and music on the back patio.
Management offers daily special “themes”. Mondays 7-10 they host different artists, Tuesdays half priced burgers, Wednesdays   a Patio Paella Party is waiting for you from 5 pm till closing, with $2 Yuenglings and live music from 7 pm.

The spacious outdoor patio is set between buildings in a courtyard reminiscent of New Orleans’ courtyards. The large oak tree in the center which is lit with mini white lights, sets a neat atmosphere. Inside there is a large comfortable bar, lots of tables and the atmosphere is pleasant. Clean, casually decorated, and lit appropriately. Lots of TVs for those who care. I observed Humphrey’s to be  LGBT friendly. The restrooms are very clean.

Caution: if you want a seat on the patio, you need to arrive well before the band starts or else risk the patio being full. It is unfortunate that they do not make reservations for the patio area (as of date of last visit which was August 2016). 

NOTE: My visit was October 23, 2016. Described prices and offerings are subject to change.

Parker's Take:

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Humphrey's Bar and Grill is located in downtown Huntsville. Live acts perform in the large "New Orleans" style outdoor patio, or in the smaller space near the bar. The bar itself serves full drinks and offers an ample beer menu. Oh yea there was a tiki bar set up in the outdoor performing area!
The night I was there found  The Dozens Band performing on the patio. They are a full band that plays at solid volume levels. I found Humphrey's acoustics surprisingly good, with little distracting reflections or echos even with the tile floor and  brick walls surrounding the venue. I could hear the vocals despite the band volume and chatty customers sitting at every patio table.

One reservation I have - actually, it's more of "mood" advice, is that the atmosphere especially out on a the full patio (and teh bar area) is "busy" and "lively".  If you are looking for an intimate setting with the lights turned down low, this probably is not the place. But if you're in an "up" party mood, you've found it.

One suggestion I have – come early enough if on a Saturday. I arrived 8:30 for a 9 pm start and the patio was full up. It starts to empty a bit by 9:30 -10 ish.

Review updated Nov 7, 2016. Date of last visit appx Nov 3.

Upcoming live music at Humphrey's Bar & Grill:

... Sep 25, 2017 7:00 pm-10:00
Solo performer with a large repertoire of songs | Great with crowds | Wide variety of musical styles Classic Rock, Acoustic, Pop
Singer- Songwriter Rock 'N Roll | Liked Artists "Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, John Prine, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Southern Rock, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Many More" Rock, Acoustic
Veteran performer and songwriter with excellent audience engagement skills | guaranteed good fun and listening. 90's, 80's , 70's, Americana, Rock
Singer-songwriter | acoustic | Full band is "Rob Aldridge & the Proponents" | sometimes plays with Rob Malone as "The Two Robs" Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Acoustic, Folk
Classically trained violinist | electric violin | also plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and mandolin | songwriter Jazz, Classical
... Sep 30, 2017 9:00 pm-12:00