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Live Music Venue Furniture Factory Bar and Grill, Huntsville, Alabama

Full menu restaurant | inside & outside seating | large patio/stage outside | dance area outside | small stage inside | live music often inside and out at same time

Furniture Factory Bar and Grill
Above: The large patio area has a full music stage and plenty of seating. With the right band, it generates a fun party atmosphere.

Parker's Point of View:

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The Furniture Factory Bar and Grill has an inside bar with some seating and a larger open air patio area where a band can cut loose. There’s plenty of dance room, and they are a great supporter of live music. They have a solid music calendar. They also have a full menu to boot. Yum!
The inside has a modest stage area with room for one or two performers. It's  an intimate setting which positions the performer close to the bar and the inside seating. 
That night, I had the pleasure to hear Stephen Johnson on keyboards and I found the acoustics good for a public place. Incidentally, Stephen’s performance of cover songs like Billy Joel’s Piano Man rivaled the vocals of the original, yet had Stephen’s distinctive style. Impressive.
Stephen Johnson
Above: Stephen Johnson plays Billy Joel's Piano Man "inside" The Furniture Factory Bar and Grill
Outside, the Michael Allman Band filled the expansive patio area with some old and new rock music, while plenty of wait staff serviced patrons with full bar offerings and a full menu. There was a $10 cover charge for going on the patio out back, but the inside music was free to customers. Check out this YouTube video of Band 347 rock'in the stage at the Furniture Factory. With the right band this is one high energy venue!
Music on the patio is flavored by the low surrounding walls and open air above. It reminded me just a bit of outdoor movie theaters of old, for those who might remember what they were!  Overall I found listening to music on the patio a comfortable, enjoyable and very intimate experience in its own right, as the lights are turned way down in parts of the patio.  You don’t feel like YOU are in the spotlight like at some other music venues.
You can enjoy music often at the Furniture Factory because they have a full calendar which starts each week on Thursdays through Sundays. An Open Jam is usually scheduled for Mondays.

Upcoming live music at Furniture Factory Bar and Grill:

Plays and sings the blues | excellent and careful use of slide-guitar | has the vocal chops and finger skills to make it all work Southern Rock, Soul, Rock, Blues, Acoustic
... Dec 22, 2018 9:00 pm Time approximate.
Classic Rock, Acoustic, Pop
... Dec 28, 2018 9:00 pm Time approximate. Duo version
Classic Rock Band with all the trimmings.... Classic Rock
One solid R&B experience | Acoustic blues | Americana | Songwriter Soul, R & B, Blues, Acoustic
Solo performer with a large repertoire of songs | Great with crowds | Wide variety of musical styles Classic Rock, Acoustic, Blues, Pop, Soul