Winslow Davis playing music in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama

Classically trained violinist | electric violin | also plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and mandolin | songwriter, GENRES: 1960's, 1970's, Americana, Classical, Improvisational, Jazz, Pop

Winslow Davis
Above: Winslow Davis performs at Humphrey's Bar and Grill. The electronic violin has a very pleasant tonality about it - similar to a traditional violin but notes are 'rounder' and somewhat smoother. There's some prerecorded  backing music mostly of bass and percussion - but his violin is star of the show.

parkerParker's Take:

"Incredible!"… flashed in front of my eyes when Winslow Davis began playing his electric violin during brunch at Humphrey’s Bar and Grill in downtown Huntsville. A few seconds later a second word flashed… "emotional!"
Classically trained Winslow Davis plays several different instruments, sings and writes music. ‘Tho his appearances each Saturday at Humphrey’s (for the three years has been up) are electric violin focused. 
During a break, Winslow said that his music works well at a restaurant like Humphreys because violin music doesn’t demand listener attention.  I must respectfully disagree Winslow. Your music works well to a crowd like Humphrey’s Brunch because it sounds incredible and makes the listener feel good.
Just watching him perform transmits the same positive feelings. The way he swings, bounces and sways, while occasionally looking up with a smile towards the audience, is infectious in itself.
He uses some prerecorded backing music. Most of it consists of subtle bass and percussion, with occasional guest appearances by guitar and other instruments.  It’s clear that the backing music is carefully chosen so that the beauty of the violin shines.
He performed some songs I recognized and others I did not. However… no matter if I recognized the song or not, they were all an enjoyable listen. Very.
If it sounds like I was enamored by his music, I was and I am. And I’m guessing, most people will also. I enjoyed an added attraction of watching a couple of kids dance to the happiness transmitted by his music.  I felt like doing the same thing! Maybe next time!
Winslow Davis is a “must hear” in my opinion. Catch him almost weekly at Humphrey’s Bar & Grill on Saturdays 11-2 for brunch. He’s also part of a duo called Redstone Avenue where is plays guitar and sings.

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