Live Music Venue Yellowhammer Brewing / Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza, Huntsville, Alabama

Tasting room features a rotating series of seasonal ales (up to 20) AND Earth & Stone pizza collocated in same facility

Yellowhammer Brewing / Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza
Above: Jimmy Henderson plays steel guitar in the main bar area of Yellowhammer Brewing. There is no stage or dedicated musician area inside, but there is one outside when weather permits.

Parker's Take:

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Yummy pizza + tasty locally brewed beer + well lit clean facilities + pleasant staff + live music = my kind of night out
Yellowhammer Brewing and Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza are collocated basically in the same room.
First, let’s talk Pizza. You can eat pizza anywhere in the collocated facility and mix and match beer through Yellowhammer or soft drinks from Earth & Stone Wood Fired Pizza.
Now, Yellowhammer Brewing.
They make and serve craft beer. There’s a long bar, round tables and long table.  There’s a side room which had a private gathering during our visit. And there’s an outside patio which plays host to music during the warmer months of the year.
Annabelle and I ordered a Yellowhammer “Miracle Worker Tripel” beer at a previous music event held at the Von Braun center a month before. It’s a testament to Yellowhammer that Annabelle and I remembered this 9.4% double barrel beer with enough fondness to order it again. And we did. Twice.
I want to mention cleanliness.  Like The Rocket Republic Brewing Company in Madison, we were impressed with the level of care that Yellowhammer and Earth & Stone management puts into keeping their space appealing to the eye.
Now the music.  Since this was December and the temperatures were winter cold, the performer played inside.  It’s unfortunate that Jimmy Henderson was relegated to playing at one of the customer tables. Jimmy was a real trooper and made the best of it, but a small mini-stage for musicians would be a nice touch.
Outside however – and we have only seen pictures of it in action – is a full fetched playing area and tables for customers. We look forward to warmer weather!
As Jimmy played a circle of fans gathered.. with about half the room able to see and appreciate the musician.
We've been to Yellow Hammer three times, most recently (Apr 2017) on the outside deck. We enjoyed.

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