About This Site and Why We Created It

We'd Rather Be Listening

We love live music. Especially local live music. There's just something about the connection between musician and instrument, combined with the acoustics and visuals of a live performance that really soothes or stimulates the soul... depending on what you are in the mood for.

But spending lots of time practicing "Google skills" to find up-to-date live gig information is huge a waste of our time, and we're thinking - yours.

So we created this website to make it much easier for everyone to find live music in the Rocket City.

Less time "Googling" and more time listening!

Our Staff:

Parker. Retired Naval officer who has operated a web development business since 1998. Knocks around on bass and guitar. In awe of talented musicians.

Annabelle has over 100,000 thousand songs at her finger tips, including detailed lyrics and backgrounds on many performers. And that is what she has in her head.

Sallie Rose, President and CEO. Sallie works mostly behind the scenes on HuntsvilleMusic.com, providing encouragement to Annabelle and Parker. Her joyful world outlook is an inspiration.

Want to get in touch? Email live@HuntsvilleMusic.com